Rising Meat Prices May Prompt Consumers to Reduce Meat Consumption

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Rising Meat Prices May Prompt Consumers to Reduce Meat Consumption

Posted on August 31, 2021 by The VRG Blog Editor

By Reed Mangels, PhD, RD

In July, 2021 Bloomberg News reported that meat sales were down in the United States, Argentina, and other countries. The report goes on to say that in the United States, meat sales at grocery stores are 12% lower than they were a year ago. A partial explanation for this drop in meat sales may be the rise in meat prices in many countries. According to the USDA, the retail price of fresh beef in the United States has increased 12.7% over the past 5 months (February-July 2021). Pork prices increased 10.7% and chicken prices increased 4.6% over the same time period. An additional factor that may affect meat sales in some countries is the increased sale of plant-based meat replacers. While these products are popular for many reasons, they may not be affordable from some who are concerned about the rising cost of meat.

     The Vegetarian Resource Group has many ideas for eating a low-cost vegan diet. The next time a friend or family member mentions the high price of meat, suggest that they explore some vegan options.

For ideas about eating vegan on a budget see:




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